Ebay Shill bid Exposed

Ebay is remarkable, if you are a low life piece of shit from Leeds (a place I have little time for at the best of times) you may try and bump the price of your sale items up by bidding against yourself. the problem with this is, don’t be a neandertheal arsewipe, and make it so obvious that a chimp could work it out and use the downtime to make a ship in a bottle but, true to form Leeds is a hot bed of shiteness, and they still try, the northern monkeys.

Try this as an example:

Roland Super JV-1080 64 Voice Sythesizer Sound Module, Item number: 160305345713

Ebay account: Seller: nsfaulkes1971( 0 )
and the buyer is: elizabethdelia1976( 0 )

Man what a fucking coincidence!
Not only are the names very similar, they also bid on other items from the same seller, car child seats, wow! who would have thought it? synth players and child seats? man I can see a whole new Yahoo group before my eyes…..

I think this means that nsfaulkes1971( 0 ) earns the title of ASSHAT.

Vanished Cinemas

Whe I was five, I went to see Star Wars at the Granada Cinema in Bedford, and nothing I have ever seen in a cinema has compared to that (other than the screening of The Doors in Milton Keynes when the cinema caught fire, and no-one noticed there was a room of two hundred people watching a black screen for ten minutes thinking “how arty!”) but I digress, the main point of this all is there are some pictures of this art-deco lunacy on flickr, Bedford Granada looks a bit Like Kings Lynn does/did?

Flickr Posting

Eastenders and the downfall of western capitalism.

According to the Broadcasters Audience Research Board, 9.52 Million people watched Eastenders last Monday.

In a 2008 poll by the Performing Right Society, the EastEnders theme was the most recognisable piece of music in the UK, beating the national anthem “God Save the Queen” – Wikipeadia

Let’s look at the themes of this programme.

Eastenders: homophobia, Heroin addiction, and murder, cot death, rape, unemployment, racial prejudice, prostitution, mixed-race relationships, shoplifting, sexism, divorce, domestic violence and mugging.

EastEnders programme makers took the decision that the show was to be about “everyday life” in the inner city “today” and regarded it as a “slice of life”. Creator/producer Julia Smith declared that “We don’t make life, we reflect it”. – Wikipedia

What a great way to side-step social responsibility, but when you are directly influencing the lives of ten million people, you are creating society, not reflecting it.

At this time of year. we eagerly expect the traditional (it’s been going for over three years in British terms) christmas day punch-up/rape/explosion/whatever in the Queen Vic.

What this program has done is to parallel the excesses and stupidity of modern day Britain and portray them as acceptable, i.e. “if it’s on telly it’s awright innit?”

Bloody hell, even Scooby Doo made an attempt at moral responsibility on each episode.

No, I don’t want anything banned, just the realisation that Eastenders ISN’T REAL. It is a compressed version of a non-existent reality. It doesn’t even qualify as escapism. Just because it happens on Eastenders DOESN’T MAKE IT OK.

I see a direct connection between the shit I put up with in everyday life, (which if this is the best we can do is quite frankly “E- see me after class”), and Eastenders.

I propose a warning that flashes up from time in red at the bottom of the screen that says:


Funny how the news (reality of a sort) gives out a warning before unpleasant scenes, but the fiction doesn’t.


What is Shitro? yes, yes one at a time yes YOU!

Shitro is a descriptive term to denote retro things such as the Casio DG-20, which are retro and yet still shit in an amusing way.

I expect many entries in Slashdot from this, at least because I spelt Slashdot with a capital letter.


“The more I practice, the luckier I get.”

A quote from Gary Player, golf player. This explains why I get a bit annoyed with those that say I’m lucky to be able to have some ability in whatever it is I happen to be doing.

I personally despise golf, and find the only use for golf clubs tends to be as offensive weapons, so to counteract that quote, here’s one from Mark Twain:

“Golf is a good walk spoiled.”

Winston Churchill’s take:

“Golf is a game whose aim is to hit a very small ball into an even smaller hole, with weapons singularly ill-designed for the purpose.”

I do know a dog that enjoys watching it on T.V. though.