BP and America’s worst oil spill.

Now that the head of BP is getting hate mail and threatening phone calls, I think it’s time to put this into historical and economic perspective.

America – home of the free market economy. The same free market that is the cause of the debts of the country I live in, due to the absolute and total greed of western capitalism.

This capitalism is mainly funded by oil. This is the reason that the country I live in is paying huge sums of money to fight an unwinnable war, causing the deaths of thousands.

The oil rigs in the Gulf of Mexico help to provide the enourmous volume of oil to keep American cars running on unbelievably cheap fuel, which is fine until one of the rigs explode leading to an unprecidented event.

I am no fan of the oil companies, but the hypocritical posturing of the American administration is breathtaking, sure give us all our cheap oil – at any cost to life and safety, but don’t fuck up.

Eleven people died on that rig, but have almost been forgotten.

BP are good enough to provide cheap fuel, and bad enough to be scapegoated. This is the price you pay for cheap fuel. Perhaps it would be best not to drill for it at that particular location, as oil and wildlife don’t get on.

If an American company caused an oil spill in another country, what would happen?

Amoco Cadiz.

It took twelve years for Amoco to pay the French government  $120 million for the $250 million the spill actually cost, bearing in mind the value of one tankerload of oil in 1978 was $40 million.

Ironically, BP own Amoco now.

Torrey Canyon

When laid down in the United States in 1959, it had a capacity of 60,000 tons but the ship was enlarged in Japan to 120,000 tons capacity. At the time of the accident it was registered in Liberia and owned by Barracuda Tanker Corporation, a subsidiary of Union Oil Company of California but chartered to British Petroleum.

Some 50 miles (80 km) of French and 120 miles (190 km) of Cornish coast were contaminated. Around 15,000 sea birds were killed, along with huge numbers of marine organisms, including all fish within a 75 mile radius before the 270 square miles (700 km2) slick dispersed.

But we still didn’t burn American flags or harass people.

Democracy?……. Hilarious!

Not withstanding the slow descent into anarchic chaos of Greece, the People of the United Kingdom HAVE SPOKEN!!!!!!

AND THEY SAID:  “errrr…………”

Brilliant! this is the best result I could possibly have hoped for short of an armed insurrection! utter chaos.

First of all, let’s totally destroy all the bullshit about Greece. Democracy is a Greek word, they invented it. BUT.. Ancient Greece was able to do this via slaves, who were doing all the work while the Greeks came up with Euclidean Geometry, and that rubbish about eels being born from mud, for which, many thanks.

Not very democratic, slavery, is it?

Acropolis Now! etc. etc.

As to the UK, well, this is actually what change looks like, not the unending baton passing of a rich privileged elite/establishment endorsed clique, but politicians actually being forced to consider their own rhetoric, and do some work other than pontificating about how great they are.

As the curse says: May you live in interesting times

and as Joe from Family Guy says: “Let’s do it!” “Bring it on!” “Bring on the pain!”

Waiting for my man……………..

Yep, love is the drug… n’shit. Waiting for the next bullshit artist to appear.

Meanwhile here’s some “radical” ideas:

Dissolution of the monarchy.

Re-instatement of the Republic declared in 1649.

Separation of Church and State in true secular fashion.

Removal of all non-elected representatives in the House of Lords (religious or otherwise).

Immediate discussion of the West Lothian Question, and the formation of an independent English Parliament.

Immediate instigation of proportional representation.

immediate withdrawal of ALL UK troops under US command, with a view to complete withdrawal within 6 months in ALL theatres of war regardless of command structure.

An independent investigation to be carried out about links between public schools, the army, government and civil service.

How do ya like them apples?

“Royal” Mail

If you have an option, do not use these thieves, they have set a system up that only fails, if they are not stealing stuff from you.

DO NOT under any circumstances trust these clowns to do anything correctly – they are systemically incompetent.

I really hope they are shut down soon.

New New Labour

I won’t be voting in the upcoming election, because they are all lying shits.

Nick Clegg will save us!….. no he won’t, and when you feel like an idiot for voting for another privileged git, remember I told you so.

There will be no “change” nothing will happen, stop getting excited, this is your Diana moment, so weep and believe.

Oh, and whilst we’re at it, the olympics will be a dismal failure, and we will not win the world cup.



I’ve just been into central London for time first time in months, the shocker is the amount of plastic coppers about. Community Wardens, whatever the fuck they are, are now dressed like a paramilitary attack squads.

Black combats, gold badges, “American” style baseball caps, epaulletes, and collar numbers. One at a bus stop in Southwark today clearly thought he was fighting for world peace, with his Motorola Radius and combat boots.

These police recruit failures are a danger to democracy, them, and their officious cousins, the PCSO, wannabe coplets.

Funny thing is, you won’t see these clowns anywhere near the Walworth road, or near Peckham , they’ll hide around the tourist spots, making Americans feel safe.

What the fuck is wrong with this country? Every fucker with a fluorescent vest and an agenda is out there hassling the unemployed, kids and drunks.

That spinning sound is PC Dixon at 7200 RPM.

Volcanoes, insurance and the Catholic Church

Insurance companies are currently using the “Act of God” clauses in their policies to slide out of honoring their contracts in the wake of the Icelandic volcano eruptions.

Surely if it is classed as an “Act of God”, then God is legally culpable for expenses claimed.

As the Pope claims to be the emissary of God on earth, this would make the Catholic Church culpable by definition, and is therefore open to litigation from plaintiffs for costs incurred due to God’s actions.

It is not clear, however, which God is being named, and if the Holy trinity as a whole is included, nor is it clear which religions’ God is named.

I think the insurance companies need to be specific as to which, and then this matter can be amicably resolved, possibly with believers of specific religions sueing their respective representatives.

Atheists would have to sue all of them, as would agnostics.

God would then be forced to stop making the volcano erupt, otherwise he would bankrupt organised religion, thus presumably resulting in people not believing in God, and God’s sudden disappearance would ensue.

Problem solved.

Lies and lying liers.

So… a driver crashed into a gas main in Maidenhead – and all the trains were cancelled from Paddington.

Bullshit. Gas mains are underground.


“Extra trains were laid on from Reading to enable commuters to reach affected destinations including Cheltenham, Bristol and south Wales”

er… if you can’t get to Reading… er… what the fuck is the point?

So why the lie?

A spokeswoman for First Great Western said: “We are working hard to look after passengers and provide alternative services to help them get home.”

What was their name?

No… you are not and you did FUCK ALL. What alternative services, and where?

A National Grid spokeswoman later said the gas leak was now under control and trains would be able to resume service on the line.



A leak is either leaking or… not leaking, but never is a leak “under control”, that is a meaningless statement.

I guarantee this story will disappear.

Because it is a LIE.