This guy posted about how he dislikes kids – and was banned.
But seriously. All the tossers do is whine about their lack of food and whenever you try to tell them what they’re doing is wrong, they cry even more.

And then there’s the long train journeys where I have a bloody awful headache, and how do the damn kids sitting opposite reward me? They scream their fucking lungs out!

Sure they’re cute when they’re small and pink, but then they get older and their primary concerns become irritating their parents and getting ice cream it’s a WHOLE different story. AND THEN DON’T GET ME STARTED ON WHEN THEY BECOME TEENAGERS!

I think, science needs to take a leap and engineer breeding that has children develop STRAIGHT into adulthood.

Who’s with me?!


_ man I am with you……….



I am totally hacked off with people. They are vile. Their petty little self serving lives are completely worthless. Why are they so revolting? Because they are allowed to be, no-one will do or say anything. If they do, the crowd will turn and mob rule prevails I have had it with British society. Just piss off, the lot of you, you win, you have me thinking like you. Now go AWAY!

Leslie Nielsen – R.I.P.

Leslie Nielsen has┬ádied from┬ápneumonia at the age of 84, now despite every news report mentioning the popularist comedy stuff that will not be repeated here – I will remember him for a vastly different role in one of the – if not the science fiction classics of all time – Forbidden Planet.

Nielsen starred as Commander J.J. Adams of the starship United Planets Cruiser C-57D, the story is loosely based on Shakespear’s The Tempest.

“Welcome to Altair 4 Gentlemen”

Godspeed and good luck Mr. Nielsen – and thank you.

Time for Hope

It’s time for some hope now, in these times of uncertainty (they always were uncertain) it’s time to say that there is hope. Hope for the future and hope for your aspirations. I get annoyed and angry when I read stuff online that says ” so you want to be a….. well forget it because there are 8000000 people trying to do the same, so unless you’re a genius….”

This is not inspirational.

This is bullshit.

Do it.

Oh Dear.

Ever had one of those days? where you think that you might be tired of being tired, when you are living in a vegetative state, when the umpteenth rude fucker pushes in the queue, when you get ignored at the bar again, when a work colleague seems to think their work is important above all, when you get snide comments again and again, when the keys have gone missing, when the department is closing down and everyone is too stupid to see it, when you get told to fuck off, when the train is full, when it starts to rain, when the boiler breaks down, when your car blows up, and the dog is sick, and the financial system is collapsing.

I might decide to go anti. i might not be as accomodating, I might not be as reasonable, I might not help out, I might not be there.