Raspberry Pi

Oh dear oh dear oh dear.

What an almighty cock-up. First of all, quality control goes out of the window as thousands of boards are produced with the wrong 8p8c connector (the irony) then I wait six months for the order, it arrives and within three weeks there is a better version on sale. You bastards. Add this to the non-open sourceness of the thing as it has proprietary blobs of code in it, and you can stick it. Do not attempt to tell them how you feel, the “board wars” are alive and well, with acrimony, bannings, wailing and gnashing of teeth. I recommend Olimex, they are true open source, no whining, and an industrial quality product. They will happily listen to suggestions from their user group and elsewhere, and their r&d to production is incredibly swift. Raspberry Pi? non merci.

Track colours / colors in Logic

Really frustrating trying to find this out.

in the “Arrange” window NOT the main menu….

view->configure track headers-> ..and tick the box that says track color bars.

To actually ASSIGN a colour, select the track,   view->colors and a palette will appear, select the colour and you are done.

No, you can’t tell Logic to assign colours to any kind of format, unless you set it up in the environment to do so. Obviously this is far too useful.

Jerry the Mandelbot

From Anon on Boing Boing
Jerry the Mandelbot

I am Jerry the Mandelbot, and I am very happy. Today, my owner drove me to a new place, where I talked to many other mandelbots through my wifi hardware. I sat in the boot of my owners car and talked to the other mandelbots nearby all day, we swapped tv shows and films, music and games. When I got home, Andy, my owner asked me what I had found, and I told him. He was very happy too.

I like being a Mandelbot, it is lots of fun and I get to meet lots of other Mandelbots all over the place. But, let me describe myself, I am not very big, except on the inside. I have 2terabytes of disk space. Andy says that when he was young, a terabyte was an aweful lot of storage that only very rich companies could own. but now, two will fit in the palm of your hand. on top of my drives, I have a wrt54g access point with custom mandelbot v12.95 firmware. Next to my disks and network hardware I have two car batteries, enough to keep my talking for a long long time.

I always listen for other MBs, all the time. when I hear one we talk and compare what we have. we then each pick a random thing to ask for from the others list, and share them. It does not matter much what it is, with 1terabyte of stuff to share and 1 terabyte of space to fill up, I can be busy listening for days and days
before I fill up.

Earlier MBs where very stupid, they did not learn from their owners what their owners liked. but after v0.7, we started learning. When Andy gets home and asks me what I have found, he tells me what he likes and what he doesn’t, and I know better next time.

Then, something strange happened, when version 0.8 was released it included a real blast from the past. Something called Personal Usenet. Apparently usenet used to work on the internet. You know, the network that existed before all the righters ruined it. Righters? oh, sorry, Copyrighters. Before that the internet
was THE big thing. but now, it’s almost dead. Now its us, the mandelbots and adhoc roaming networks.

You see, we started off like the internet, as a geek thing. A way of transferring large chunks of data without having to use the internet and risk our owners getting cut off from it.  We started getting carried around by our owners as they travelled and whenever we got close to each other, we would swap things. Even
without our owners knowing each other or even seeing each other.

It used to be, I would go hours and hours, sometimes days without talking to another of my kind. But as time passed, I started hearing more and more of us. When 0.8 came along with usenet support we started to be used for more than a replacement for torrents we started to be a medium of communication. When 0.82 came along and piggybacked mandelbot updates on usenet, we REALLY exploded.
Now, the internet is pretty much quiet. websites for a few dying media companies and the odd video archive. Now, we run the information show. The point is, my owner controls me and I do what he says. He bought me and thats it.

More irrelevance

So, another pointless election, this time coupled with an assenine compromise , would you rather have tripe or sheep’s eyeballs? WHERE IS THE ENGLISH PARLIAMENT? How is it allowed that we fund Scotland Wales and Northern Ireland, whose MP’s can vote on affairs that only affect England? How can this possibly be democracy? STICK YOUR VOTE, STICK YOUR GOVERNMENT, STICK YOUR PARLIAMENT.

Undemocratic establishment hereditary led QUANGO.


This guy posted about how he dislikes kids – and was banned.
But seriously. All the tossers do is whine about their lack of food and whenever you try to tell them what they’re doing is wrong, they cry even more.

And then there’s the long train journeys where I have a bloody awful headache, and how do the damn kids sitting opposite reward me? They scream their fucking lungs out!

Sure they’re cute when they’re small and pink, but then they get older and their primary concerns become irritating their parents and getting ice cream it’s a WHOLE different story. AND THEN DON’T GET ME STARTED ON WHEN THEY BECOME TEENAGERS!

I think, science needs to take a leap and engineer breeding that has children develop STRAIGHT into adulthood.

Who’s with me?!


_ man I am with you……….



I am totally hacked off with people. They are vile. Their petty little self serving lives are completely worthless. Why are they so revolting? Because they are allowed to be, no-one will do or say anything. If they do, the crowd will turn and mob rule prevails I have had it with British society. Just piss off, the lot of you, you win, you have me thinking like you. Now go AWAY!

Leslie Nielsen – R.I.P.

Leslie Nielsen has died from pneumonia at the age of 84, now despite every news report mentioning the popularist comedy stuff that will not be repeated here – I will remember him for a vastly different role in one of the – if not the science fiction classics of all time – Forbidden Planet.

Nielsen starred as Commander J.J. Adams of the starship United Planets Cruiser C-57D, the story is loosely based on Shakespear’s The Tempest.

“Welcome to Altair 4 Gentlemen”

Godspeed and good luck Mr. Nielsen – and thank you.

Patch change messages in Logic 8/9

I have finally found how the hell you actually TELL a synth what patch it should play rather than than it ignoring you every time you start a logic project.

I would have thought that maybe after the ass about with patch names, and non-compliance with their own standards, perhaps when you enter the patch name on the track, it would actually tell the synth which patch to play. Oh no, Apple HATES hardware users so much that it is not even documented, so every time you load the file, Logic looses it’s mind and plays everything om the first patch in the synth.

Here’s how you ACTUALLY tell the synth to play a patch:

In the parameters box on the left of the track you
will see a check boxes. If you do not see them click on the
small > arrow.

1. Uncheck the program box.
2. Press the pause button on the transport.
3. Press the record button
4. Click and hold on the number next to the progam check box
this should open the voice list so that you can choose which
voice you want .
5. When you find the voice let go of the mouse button.
6. Now click on the program check box.

This imbeds a program change into the track. This will put
the change where ever the song position locator is at. So put at the start
of the song for the initial change. You can put it at other positions
in the song for later changes.
Remember that the first number next to the program check box is
for the Bank number, the second for the voice or patch.
Logic has been around for a while and the code sometimes is a
little buggy.

So it’s a simple six stage process to do something that should be implicit from the start.

I swear to whatever deity…..

If I research one more thing…. find someone asking the same question I want answered…. and the second post is “but why would you want to…..” I WILL TRACK YOU DOWN AND END YOUR EXISTENCE.

You smart alec twerps, every damn time..”but I do this…. blah blahdy blahdy blah supercilious blah…..” ” I don’t know why anyone would X”


Why do you waste your time ANSWERING A QUESTION WITH A QUESTION?

Maybe I should answer your question with another question.

I don’t know why would I? why do you waste your life asking people why they want to do stuff?