Muse Research Receptor and Linux GPL

The guys at Muse Research are “interesting” in their approach to say the least.

The Muse Receptor is an Intel based PC on a box with a serial interface for LCD and some rotary and push button controllers.

It runs VST pluginson a custom Windows VST host, it does this very well, and very expensively – still if you want reliability, and a very robust enclosure, you pays your money….

It certainly isn’t the hardware that’s special, it’s off the shelf, apart from the controls which look pretty damn cool.

The original box used an IDE hard drive and an MSI motherboard. It runs on a custom Linux OS.

This is a problem.

Muse have been somewhat reluctant to divulge their GPL source code, at present, it is available again on the web site under the FAQ right at the bottom.

This “disappears” regularly. The current software seems to date from mid-2011 and is Fedora based, at least the packaging system is RPM, so it’s a close relative, I’m guessing it’s for Fedora Core 15 judging by the Wine and Kernel release numbers. What they fail to do (of course) is give any instructions or hints as to how the GPL code should be compiled to a working RPM. They are not obliged (AFAIK) to do this, but then again there hasn’t been a lot of love lost between these guys and the Linux community, the idea is they should give something BACK to the community considering they are making profit from the work of others. They are active in the Linux forums with requests for assistance, and yet – what release of hardware is theis software for? is this the announced ver.2.0 OS? is this in fact all of the tweaked GPL code they have?

By the way – watch out for the KVR forums, that forum is owned by Muse Research – and has some “supportive” (yeah, if it were a stage show they would be called “plants”) forum users. You’ll spot them – weird acolytes. Read: employees (allegedly).

There are a lot of people pissed off with them, I am sorely tempted to use some disposible income and snag a second hand Receptor to do some code comparison tests, the results would be very interesting.

This is where I come in.

Instructions under Fedora 15 for Muse Research patched Wine installation.

1. Install Fedora 15 – Use the Programming installation.

2. Activate network (I’m on ESXI 5.1, not automatic, double click the network icon top right)

Update the repository, should be automatic when you activate System->Administration->Add/Remove Software

Put RPM in the search window

Install the packaged “rpmdevtools” and then run “rpmdev-setuptree”  NOT AS ROOT! it will make you a ~/rpmbuild directory with proper sub directories. It will even make you a ~/.rpmmacros file.

Download sources, at the moment available here:

Run rpm -ivv foo.src.rpm

yum-builddep foo.src.rpm

rpmbuild -ba foo.spec

That’s it, you’re compiling.

Build your Net Install Fedora Core 15, and try it out on that  Bugger, the RPM is broken, but you can install it just RTFM the readme. I’ll fix it in a bit.

Next stop – kernel compilation….

All GPL fellas.


Yep, build yourself that dev environment, the Muse Research kernel.spec needs a couple of tweaks, give or take a “%define muse_kernel 001” and a “%define sign_kernel 0” these just give it a shiny version number and stop you having to ask Muse for their PGP key stuff – just turn it off.