8p8c Supercharged Compact Mac

This is a long running project to try and recapture some of the creativity lost on complex studio setups.

Maybe I’m out of touch, but things were a lot more fun when you could plug them together and they just worked.

I have upgraded an old compact mac that for many years used to run Mavis Beacon type tutoring software in another life.

Here, I have added a SCSI zip in place of the hard drive (no – it’s real, I’m not that good on Photoshop) which runs in place of the original 40MB drive.

System 6.0.8 was onboard, it now runs System 7.0.1 and Cubase 2.5 through an ancient printer/modem midi interface. These can still be found on Ebay.

I have used this successfully to power an Akai S5000 via a Roland PC-300, obviously you need a keyboard with standard MIDI interfaces.

Runs great, the only problem so far is opening MIDI files due to low RAM as far as I can tell, although I have a program called RamDoubler that might be the problem.