Millennials we hate you.

Are you sick to death of the young the so called millenials?

I am.

THE MOST ENTITLED SELF AGGRANDISING self serving selfish fuck you generation in modern history.

Hey MILLENIALS we are sick of you self-serving self-pitying egotistical me me me crap.


I am tired of hearing how hard everything is for you and how unfair the world is.

FUCK YOU. The world was an unhappy uneven pile of shit before you were spawned for er… forever, so SHUT THE FUCK UP BUTTERCUP. We don’t care.

BOOOOOORING. Oh some stuff didn’t go the exact way you thought it should and you can’t spray your toxic shit everywhere? hey that’s a GOOD thing. GROW THE FUCK UP. Things don’t always go the way they should, hey, that’s why I’m typing this in a military grade ballistic vest.

I’m tired, really fucking tired.

Fuck off.

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