It’s never dark where I live. I don’t know why that should bother me but it does. I mean, it’s crap when I want to do astronomy (why aren’t astronomers call skyentists?) and I can easily navigate the house when it’s ”dark”, but I think a society where it is always light is weird.

The council installed new LED light here a few months ago and it’s now so bright I’m surprised the birds can sleep. Birds are known to alter their behaviour in urban settings due to excessive light. They also sing louder than their country cousins just to be heard over the din, which is another thing humans don’t seem to notice.

Noise and light are what I would deduce humans need if I were a visiting alien. I swear I heard a blackbird imitate a ringtone the other day. Birds of Paradise copy the noise a camera shutter makes, that and the sound of chainsaws.