Aha.. a use for the thing, sounds interesting.. time to research… what is this, a strange phonomenon. Of the many articles I have found about this subject, there seems to be a weird response to the people asking. Hate. I have seen two clear examples on one subject attacking he OP for asking about this subject.

I have a theory.

The people blasting the guy asking (after supplying answers to questions that were not asked) have invested a lot of time and effort in learning about their chosen subject, not only this, but they have earned a degree of ¨guru¨ status on their chosen board/BBS whatever.

They have to appear knowledgable about all aspects of the subject, and here comes some kid asking about stuff that is beyond their knowledge.

They are Board King with 208379 answered questions to their subjects, they MUST ANSWER! their status as a guru is under threat!

So they try and steer the question around to something that they know, and when that does not work – employ the time honoured strategy of humiliation and be-littleling, also emplying the alcolyte army to bully the subject away.

It is not a crime not to know something, nor is it deserving of hate to ask.

This has NOTHING to do with the subject and EVERYTHING to do with little ¨?eroes¨ on their little dung-heaps.

I will try to never behave in this way.