Patch change messages in Logic 8/9

I have finally found how the hell you actually TELL a synth what patch it should play rather than than it ignoring you every time you start a logic project.

I would have thought that maybe after the ass about with patch names, and non-compliance with their own standards, perhaps when you enter the patch name on the track, it would actually tell the synth which patch to play. Oh no, Apple HATES hardware users so much that it is not even documented, so every time you load the file, Logic looses it’s mind and plays everything om the first patch in the synth.

Here’s how you ACTUALLY tell the synth to play a patch:

In the parameters box on the left of the track you
will see a check boxes. If you do not see them click on the
small > arrow.

1. Uncheck the program box.
2. Press the pause button on the transport.
3. Press the record button
4. Click and hold on the number next to the progam check box
this should open the voice list so that you can choose which
voice you want .
5. When you find the voice let go of the mouse button.
6. Now click on the program check box.

This imbeds a program change into the track. This will put
the change where ever the song position locator is at. So put at the start
of the song for the initial change. You can put it at other positions
in the song for later changes.
Remember that the first number next to the program check box is
for the Bank number, the second for the voice or patch.
Logic has been around for a while and the code sometimes is a
little buggy.

So it’s a simple six stage process to do something that should be implicit from the start.